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Alvio Quality Management

                                Alvio commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM)

Corporate objectives:

  • Establish and maintain an efficient regulatory foundation including strategies for enforcement
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Ensure the quality of products to customers are met
  • Ensure highest quality standards of materials through industry research and vendor relations
  • Maintain reliable sources of funding for the organization
  • Staff competent and motivated employees  

·     Consult with senior management to build up a quality vision, mission and policy statement.

  • Continuously  improve internal systems and procedures of TQM
  • Solicit improved support from manufacturers
  • Listen to customers and employees
  • Continue to provide sound advice and support to the end user

Quality Assurance:

The prime objective of Alvio (TQM) is to ensure that highest level of quality standards are met, Alvio products and services are provided in an efficient manner, meeting both the regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers.

Alvio Quality Management System is specifically formulated and structured in a way that best meets the needs of Alvio and our customers. Various elements of the Quality Management System combine to assist in determining that all quality and regulatory requirements are complied, and that consistency and uniformity in service delivery is maintained.

Current quality procedures:

“Quality is never an accident it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

- William A. Foster

  • The major tasks in quality monitoring of Alvios’ Operations are:
  • To ensure that the process of build is able to meet the product specifications, and deadlines
  • To steer the assembly and production line towards prevention-oriented decisions
  • To provide data on where problems are likely to occur, helping to identify cause-and-effect relationships
  • To communicate information in rapid, accurate and simple ways to help both in the concept of testing and preventative maintenance. These can only be achieved by exchange of ideas and collaborative work between Alvio and end user


In order to guarantee quality on all levels of our operation Alvio follows procedures set forth to assure quality and consistency in all our work. This quality manual includes guidelines for all of the following






Management Responsibility


Quality System


Contract Review


Design Control


Document Control




Process Control


Inspection and Testing


Inspection and Test Status


Control of Nonconforming Product


Corrective and Preventative Action


Handling, Storage, Packaging, and Delivery


Quality Records


Internal Quality Audits







  • Implementation of a new set of rules and procedures due to recent changes
  • An efficient process to communicate policy and procedure changes to staff
  • Make continuous improvement an everyday matter
  • Build teamwork, mutual respect and trust within business scope
  • Meetings held to discover problem areas
  • Multiple random customer surveys conducted to establish a level of satisfaction with current service
  • Constant vendor quality check of merchandise and delivery time


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