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IBM Magstar MP Fast Access Linear Tape Cartridge C

Manufacturer: IBM
Manuf. Code: 08L6187
Item. Code: SY-171286
Weight: 3.00 lbs.
Stock: Low Inventory
Our Price: $144.33
  Product Description:

IBM Magstar MP Fast Access Linear Tape cartridges are the functional heart of the IBM Magstar MP Tape Subsystem. Magstar MP tape revolutionizes how applications can use tape storage. Traditionally, tape has been used primarily for write-intensive operations such as backup, archive, and data interchange, operations that do not require frequent reading of stored information. Today, however, applications that require both write- and read-intensive operations can take advantage of lower cost tape storage. Compared to traditional tape technologies, the Magstar MP tape cartridge is designed to provide outstanding reliability under heavy use. The extremely durable cartridge case can withstand repetitive handling by automated pickers or human operators, thus protecting the tape from the physical environment. Designed for use in midrange and server-based multi-user environments, Magstar MP tape offers much faster data access times while improving cartridge handling reliability and data integrity over traditional tape technologies.

Primary Information
Media Form Factor1/2''
Media TypeDLT
Storage Removable Capacity (Compressed)15GB
Storage Removable Capacity (Native)5GB
PC Compatibility Unix,PC
Compatibility Unix,PC
Storage Removable
Recording Standard3570
Tape Length167M


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