Kingston 8GB Module – DDR3 1600MHz


154 in stock

154 in stock

SKU: ETS4418766 | Last Updated: September 30th, 2022 |
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Dimensions 5.60 × 1.70 × 0.30 in

Company, Kingston, Technology

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-, (USFF), /, 0-Watt, 2, 3020, 3647, 3800, 3847, 3900, 3902, 4, 470, 7010, 7020, 790, 8500, 8700, 9010, 9020, Acer, AG3-605-xxx, Aspire, AT3-605-xxx, AT7, AT7-xxx, ATC-120, ATC-220, ATC-605, ATC-705, AXC-115-xxx, AXC-600-xxx, AXC-605-xxx, AXC-705-xxx, AXC605-xxx, C710, C720, C910-L, CELSIUS, D3161-B, D3162-A, Dell, Desktop, E410, E420, E430G, E510, E520, E710, E720, E85+, E90+, E910, E920, Edition, ESPRIMO, Fujitsu, G, G3-605-xxx, G3605-xxx, Inspiron, K31BF, M, M2632G-xxx, M6630G, Mainboard, MT/DT/SFF, MT/DT/SFF/USFF, MT/SFF, MT/SFF/USFF, OptiPlex, P410, P420, P510, P520, P710, P720, P910, P910-L, P920, PH310, PH320, Precision, Predator, S6630G, series, Slim, Special, T, T1650, T1700, T3600, T3610, TC603-xxx, TC605, Ultra, USFF, Veriton, VM2630G-xxx, VM4630G-xxx, Vostro, VS6630G-xxx, VX2630G-xxx, VX2631G-xxx, VX2632G-xxx, VX4630G-xxx, VX6630G-xxx, W420, W520, W530, Workstation, x, X6630G, XC-705-xxx, XE2, XPS

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Company, Kingston, Technology

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-, 1600MHz, 8GB, DDR3, Module

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Module, RAM



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